Level 4

*Eligibility Requirement* : Student should be Reiki 3rd Level Attuned
*Contents to be Covered* :
👉  Reiki Attunement with all USUI Symbols (Since the level 1)
👉 Meditation to cleanse Aura
👉 Chakra Balancing Meditation
👉 What is Attunement
👉 How to Give Attunement in each levels with proper method
👉 Procedure and all Precaution to be taken care
👉 Removing Negative Energy
👉 How to set Alter before attunement
👉 History about Energy Exchange (Dr. Mikao Usui story)
👉 Empowering goals
👉 How to guide student before attunement with all Precaution
👉 How to send attunement via distance
👉 Master and Tibetan Symbols which comes under Master Level
👉 Group Healing
👉 How to increase your power as a Master Teacher
👉 Antahkarana Symbol for Mediation
👉 Roles and Responsibilities as a Master
 👉 And all doubts to be cleared in a class and after the class.
Life time support will be given by us to spread positivity.
*Duration* 21 Days 
*Energy Exchange* 7000
Notes, Mediation Audios, Certificate will be given and soft copy life time support with proper guidance 
(*FREE- SATI BOX* ) IMG-20200817-WA0004.jpg.

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