about us

About us

My name is SHIVALI having an experience of 5 years in this field. I have explored various areas like meditation, astrology,Reiki, angel,crystal, dowsing., etc. Now, I aimed at making a life better by focusing on mind and body well-being. So Oamkar is a place where we teach several courses on spirituality and live your life tension free.we have discovered several courses for all age groups like child, teenagers, adults, pregnant lady and for senior citizen. It is a place where we connect person with the universal knowledge with a scientific reason behind that, and to get rid of with their problems with their efforts. We work on all sectors of life weather, it financially, spirituality, emotionally, physically and mentally.whenever a person come for any session we used to combine all the techniques to overcome the problem. We have several techniques like Reiki, tarot cards, law of attraction, pendulum, crystals, etc. whenever a person come we make sure the energy exchange which he /she is paying should successfully utilize for the solutions keeping in mind that if I go anywhere for the help so my exchange of energy should be utilized.